American Idol Recap: Jessica Sanchez Judged For Racy Outfit - Hits Top 4

Jessica Sanchez may have been praised for her soulful cover of Tina Turner’s “Proud Mary," but it was her outfit that startled some American Idol viewers. Once the half-Mexican contestant was called to face possible elimination along with country singer Sklar Laine, Sanchez received some criticism from vocal coach, Jimmy Lovine, but it had nothing to do about her lyrics.

Lovine expressed concern about Sanchez’s “mature” outfits after the super mini white dress the 16-year-old wore on Wednesday night’s Idol episode. “That dress was too mature for her…I believe there were a lot of people at home last night who felt uncomfortable,” said Lovine. He also pinpointed the show’s stylists for the racy getup after saying, “Stylists – what are you doing? You’re torpedoing this girl.” 

We have to agree with Lovine – the dress was more of a 21-year-old-hitting-a-nightclub kind of look. Call Jennifer Lopez a little more progressive than most Americans because the Idol judge quickly defended Sanchez and her mini-dress. "We’re in show business–we have a whole different standard. It’s more acceptable here,” said Lopez. However, she did admit that the heels were a little too high for the high school student. Umm, yeah…maybe just a little.

One thing J.Lo was right about is that Sanchez should be judged based on her singing ability and not what kind of skimpy outfit she wears. The nation also agreed with her since Sklar was the one who had to say goodbye to fans last night.

We are glad Sanchez made it to the top 4! Do you think her outfit was inappropriate during Wednesday night’s episode?