American Idol: Did Jeremy Rosado Win Your Hearts?

We told you a bit about Jeremy Rosado yesterday to get you ready before he took the stage on American Idol last night along with the other male semi-finalists. It was his first time performing for America's vote rather than for the love of the judges, so the pressure was on.

He decided to sing a song he loved, "Gravity" by Sara Bareilles, and it was a great choice. The judges enjoyed his performance and Jennifer Lopez in particular continued her "Jer-bear" love-fest. She seems to be just about ready to start his fan club saying, "You open your mouth and, immediately, I'm drawn in."

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Though it's still a bit early to figure out who the judge favorite is, it's safe to say that he might be a contender for that spot. Let's just hope it doesn't end up hurting him in the end! As we reality competition fans know, too much love from the judges can sometimes get you sent home. We want to keep seeing Jeremy shine!

Here's Jeremy's performance:


Is Jeremy Rosado winning you over? What was your favorite performance last night?