10 Things You Didn’t Know About ‘American Idol’ Contestant Devin Velez

We were out of our seats cheering when Puerto Rican Devin Velez’s name was announced as one of the five males to make it into the top 10 of American Idol’s 12th season. It was clear he would be a front-runner from the moment he hit his first note, but it wasn’t until he belted out an immaculate bilingual version of “Somos Novios” that we knew we’d seen Idol gold.

In a celebration of Velez’s solid success thus far, we thought it might be nice to fill you in on a few things you might not know about this talented high school senior.   

1. Devin Velez 1

He’s Batty for Starbucks

Anyone who follows Latino Idol contestant Devin Velez on Twitter should have noticed that the 18-year-old seems to harbor a bit of a Starbucks addiction. Not only does he work at the popular coffeehouse chain in Portage Park, his Twitter page background displays delicious looking Starbucks coffee beans, and if those alone don’t convince you, his constant tweets will, “That moment when you feel like youre going to die without coffee….lol #starbucks.” 

2. Devin Velez 2

He Starred in His Own High School’s Musical

Charles Schulz’s famous Peanuts comic strip character Charlie Brown is the ultimate failure messing up nearly everything he tries his hand at. While it certainly doesn’t sound like Schulz’s character and the singing success Velez share any similarities, they do have one thing in common. According to Chicago Sun-Times Velez played Charlie Brown in a musical put on by his school, Rickover Naval Academy.

3. Devin Velez 3

He’s a Momma’s Boy

Family is extremely important to Velez, and he will be the first to admit that he’s a self-proclaimed mama’s boy. He sends many tweets broadcasting the close relationship he has with his mom like this one, “Those ‘Goodmorning, I love you’ texts from Mommy….I love her. #blessed,” only make us fall in love him that much more! 

4. Devin Velez 4

He’s Been Voted into First Place Before

Velez is clearly quite popular with the American Idol viewing audience whose votes helped to secure him a position in the top ten, but this talent show isn’t the first place he’s been voted into a top spot! According to his Twitter he won his high school’s 2012 homecoming king. It sounds like he had a solid fan base before his Idol journey! All hail King Devin!

5. Devin Velez 5

He’s No Pristine Ken Doll

In a recent American Idol episode judge Nicki Minaj aptly dubbed cutie Velez the Spanish Ken doll but, if past damages are any indication, Velez has no problem getting a little rough. According to Chicago Sun-Times, he’s taken quite a few hits boasting an injury list that includes five broken bones and 11 stitches in his forehead! 

6. Devin Velez 6

He’s a Gleek

We love watching Velez light up our TV screens every week, but we wonder what kinds of shows the Idol contestant DVRs to watch in his spare time. According to his Twitter page, Velez enjoys watching talented artists perform just as much as we do, “Glee has to be one of my favorite shows. Haha! #gleek #musicgenius” 

7. Devin Velez 7

He Likes to Keep People Guessing

Even though Devin Velez hasn’t been shy showing off his sensational Spanish singing skills (he recently performed a perfect bilingual version of “Somos Novios”), it might be awhile before he touts that talent again. The last thing he wants is to be pigeonholed. “I’m not going to make it predictable; I want to catch them by surprise. If you make it predictable, you will get voted off…I might [eventually] do a whole Spanish song, too, but I don’t know yet,” stated Velez according to Entertainment Weekly.

8. Devin Velez 8

He Was a Choir Boy

Did you ever wonder what helped Devin Velez hone his musical pipes? According to the Chicago Sun-Times the Latino credits the six years he spent singing away as a part of the Chicago Children’s Choir. “It taught me how to blend my voice with others and with back-up vocals, which definitely helps me now,” Velez admitted.

9. Devin Velez 9

He Plans for the Future

It’s hard to imagine someone as vocally gifted as Devin Velez needing a back-up plan in the event that his run on American Idol falls short of first place, but he has one just in case. There’s no need to worry, according to a February tweet the high school senior isn’t ready to give up his passion for music, “VanderCook School of Music audition today! :) #dreamcollege #godswill.”

10. Devin Velez 10

His Astrological Sign Seals His Surefire Success!

Devin Velez was introduced to the world on April 22, 1994, making him a Taurus. According to his sign, he is determined to get where he is going because he refuses to be distracted from his goals. This sounds to us like the makings of American Idol success!