'American Idol' Castoff Chris Medina Drops New Heartfelt Single

His elimination last week from American Idol left Jennifer Lopez in tears and now Chris Medina is ready to break a few more hearts with his new, heartfelt single, “What Are Words.”

Medina, whose early elimination from the hit FOX show surprised viewers, went straight into the recording studio with well-known producer, Rodney Jenkins following his elimination. “He was really good in the studio,” Jenkins told MTV News of Medina.

Medina had some kind words for him as well. "I always knew who Rodney Jerkins was, but after doing some research, I didn't realize how 'the man' he actually was," said the 26-year-old Illinois native, who got a call from Jenkins on Friday and recorded on that Monday. “It was surreal. It was great."

Medina, whose fiancé Juliana Ramos suffered a near fatal car accident in the winter of 2009 that left her with a traumatic brain injury, described the news ingle as “heartfelt.”

"The words totally embody what my situation is," he said. “it's real, and it was an honor to be asked to put my voice to this wonderful material."

Jenkins says he was inspired to write the song for Chris after watching him on Idol, and he says he’s glad he took a risk and decided to work with a new artist.

"That's always the fearful moment for myself as a producer. The first time you work with a new artist [you wonder], 'What is it going to sound like when you get in the studio?’ he said. [Medina] came in here and he listened to it one time down and then he was like, 'I think I got it.' He started singing it for us in the room, and we were just floored. He was great."