Amara La Negra Is Calling Out Racist Latinos & She's Got A Few Points


VH1′s Love & Hip Hop: Miami's Amara La Negra is using her platform to bring awareness to Latino racism. Sadly, yes it does exist!

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In one of the most talked about episodes of the season, Amara put a Hollywood producer in his place for saying the 27-year old star's afro wasn't elegant enough, and she quickly gained respect for speaking out for the Afro-Latino community. During the episode, the Miami-born singer challenged the music producer by saying, "Not everyone looks like J.Lo Shakira or Sofia Vergara

Known for being outspoken, the Dominican breakout star recently spoke with the HuffPost on how we need to start holding Latinos accountable for racism and colorism. 

"There’s always this look of ‘Ugh, la Negra’ (the black woman) or ‘don’t get married to a black man, don’t get married to a black woman, you have to better the race,'" Amara said during the interview. "I just think it’s not fair because what’s wrong with me? What makes me so ugly? Why don’t they see me [as] beautiful? What is wrong about my personality or my looks or my features that causes that problem?”

Unfortunately, comments like these aren't as shocking as they should be— they're said so often we've normalized them, which is so unhealthy for us and future Latinos. 

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It's not uncommon to hear some Latino parents tell their children, "Make sure you marry someone with good hair," or "Find someone who's lighter than you." Whether we'd like to admit it or not, Latinos need to be called out on colorism. 

Amara, who has recently taken her musical talent to the English market, expressed how difficult her road to stardom has been due to her physical features.Though it hasn't been easy, the reality star has vowed to never give up and dreams of having her own dolls little girls can play with and say, "Oh my god, she’s like me."