EXCLUSIVE: Alfonso Herrera Opens Up About Playing a Priest in 'The Exorcist' & Reveals If He's a Believer

EXCLUSIVE: Alfonso Herrera Opens Up About Playing a Priest in 'The Exorcist' & Reveals If He's a Believer
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Who doesn’t remember Alfonso Herrera from his Rebelde days?! The stud is back to the small screen in the new show, The Exorcist. In the show, Herrera will be playing a priest who has to deal with a potential exorcism situation that might be more profound than he ever imagined. We spoke to actor about his new role and whether or not he believes in evil spirits. 

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Talk to me about your role on Fox’s The Exorcist.

My character is Thomas Ortega, is a priest that has little perish outside Chicago. He has a normal, traditional life outside Chicago. Suddenly Geena Davis’ character comes and asks for help. She thinks something is happening with her family, specifically with one of her daughters. Thomas goes there and he thinks he’s seeing a family crisis but doesn’t know that the problem is more profound and is going to change their lives forever.

How did you prepare for this role?

It was a team work between table reads and rehearsals with the director, Ben [Daniels] and Geena. We were very clear on what the story was. The atmosphere and what Rupert wanted to create and generate was very clear before and on set.

What attracted you to take on the role of Thomas Ortega?

First of all, the character is very solid character with lots of dimensions, doubts and questions. I think one of the most interesting things about him isn’t the spirits or entities that he needs to deal with around him but the demos that he needs to fight inside himself. He’s a very interesting character and the story from the script its perfectly explained. The tone is great!

How would you say that the TV show is similar or different than the movies?

The TV show will put you in the same atmosphere as the movies did and I think the audience will be very happy with it. I recently saw the pilot and they’re going to jump and feel very happy about this as well as we do.

What was it like to film with the rest of the cast?

It was great, Geena was great, Ben who plays Marcus was great. The tone on set and the atmosphere were great. Before I came in to do the show I had some pre conceptions that the set was going to be dense and obscure but it was the total opposite. We had three weeks of pure fun in Chicago shooting The Exorcist.

Exorcisms are somewhat popular within the Latin community; do you personally believe that people can be possessed by evil spirits or spirts in general?

I think there is a duality in life. There is light and darkness but more than that, I think dark energies exist and it’s something very peculiar because we are trying to portray situations that actually happened. Dark energies exist and it’s a possibility.

Have you yourself ever had any experiences?


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