Exclusive: Alexia Echevarria Talks ‘Real Housewives of Miami’ Reunion, Plastic Surgery & Her Sons

Alexia Echevarria wears many hats (all of them fashionable, we assure you). She’s a reality TV cast member (Bravo’s Real Housewives of Miami), an editor (Venue Magazine) and a socialite. Yet, her most important role is of mom to her two sons, Frankie and Peter. During this season of RHOM the public saw Echevarria the mother dealing with the ups and downs of raising two sons. Here, the Cuban Barbie dishes on the RHOM reunion, her cast mates plastic surgery habits (yikes), and more.

RHOM, as with every reality show, has a ton of wild personalities. What do you bring to the show?

I’m the voice of reason this season. My role has always been as a mother, a family person and it hasn’t changed. You see more of that because if you see in Season 2 and 3 because unfortunately one of my son’s had a very severe accident and the other one was very much affected by it. So this season that is my struggle, my children. My children have always been my priority.

On the show you appear to be the more stable, clearheaded one. You don’t seem to go with the screaming and shoving.

[Laughs] We had our reunion in New York. I was sitting there asking myself that question, “Oh my God what am I doing with this group of women?” I see that I’m so different. My life is so different from theirs. I think its good because we need to be a diverse group of women.

How do you split your time between the show and your magazine, Venue?

I think that’s what has given me my sanity. The fact that I’m so busy all the time. Psychologically and physically I think that keeps me going. Even my husband tells me, “Alexia I don’t know how you can handle it all?” My kids are older now too, so they have different needs; that’s when I got more into the magazine. The show does take a lot of your time. It’s only shot for three months.

As an editor, is it weird giving up editorial control on the show?

That’s the scary part of the show. It’s the price you pay but that’s what you signed up for.