Adrienne Bailon's 5 Craziest Confessions on 'The Real'

If we learned anything from The Real this summer, it's that our girl Adrienne Bailon keeps it really real! 

From vagina facials to double-D confessions, the starlet let it all hang out, giving us what we've deemed to be Adrienne's "realist" talk show confessions! Watch them below:

1. Adrienne Bailon's Vagina Facial Confession

Adrienne Bailon is truly the queen of keeping it real.

In one of her first "real" moments of the summer, Adrienne walked Jeannie Mai and viewers through a beauty routine called a vajacial. 

A vajacial, Adrienne explained, is a beauty regiment designed to "prettify" your vajayjay. Using a peach as a stand-in vagina, Adrienne demonstrated the regiment using common beauty and food items. When her cohosts cringed at the routine, Adrienne reminded them that, hey, "beauty is pain!" 

2. Adrienne Bailon's Ratchet Tattoo Confession

Adrienne Bailon's Rachet Tattoo Confession

Adrienne Bailon wishes she could just put her former relationship with Rob Kardashian behind her, but how can she when she has his full name tattooed ON her behind? 

Adrienne fessed up to having "the ratchetest of tattoos" on The Real, but assured viewers that she's in the process of having the extremely long name lasered off of her booty.  

Our favorite part of this segment was when Adrienne explained, “We are getting it laser tattooed ,and it is not fun! You can smell your flesh burning—and it’s my ass flesh burning!” 

That just got a little too real!

3. Adrienne Bailon's Double-D Confession

Adrienne Bailon's Double-D Confession

Adrienne voluntarily put herself "on blast" this summer when she revealed that she opted to get breast implants when she was 19-years-old. 

"At 19-years-old, I went and got breast implants, and I went from one insecurity to another insecurity," Adrienne explained to her cohosts. 

According to Adrienne, the most embarassing part about the entire ordeal was that her new buxom body revealed a lot more than her sex appeal; it revealed the fact that she had insecurities at all. 


4. Adrienne Bailon's Catfish Confession

By now, you've no doubt heard of Catfishing--a new trend in which individuals dupe would-be signficant others into believing that they're someone their not.

Well, Adrienne confessed onThe Real that she's somewhat of a reverse-Catfisher. Bare with us, now. 

This summer, Adrienne admitted that, in effort to get former flame Rob Kardashian to stop calling her, she emailed the sole Kardashi-man posing as a fake boyfriend. Adrienne explained:

"Now what all ya'll thought was that it [the email] was written from my boyfriend. It was not written from a boyfriend. It was written by me and my girl, sitting on the sofa one day, deciding to ourselves, 'well, how do I make him stop calling me?'"

Ultimately, the email worked and Rob moved on.

If we're really keeping it real, we'd have to say that's not a half-bad  idea! 

5. Adrienne Bailon's Porn Confession

Adrienne Bailon's Porn Confession

Who watches porn out of boredom? Well, Adrienne Bailon does!

During a conversation with The Real's cohosts, Adrienne confessed that she often watches x-rated movies when she's bored and needs something to make fun of. 

But when Tamar Braxton asked Adrienne to ellaborate on what she does when she begins to feel a little frisky during these pasttime viewings, Adrienne became coy, anwering with a giggly, "This is daytime television, folks!"