Adrienne Bailon Share Secrets On Her Parents Marriage & Divorce on 'The Real'


It's not everyday celebrities get real about their childhood let alone their parent's relationship, which is why when Adrienne Bailon spoke out on her parents' divorce the world stop to listen. 

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During The Real 's fun GirlChatLive segment, the former Cheetah Girl actress shared how she was impacted by her parents' false marriage. The newlywed said she recalled her father trying to hug her mother, and not seeing a connection.

Though the 34-year-old cohost doesn't remember feeling her parents love attraction, she did mention that both her mother and father never argued. 

Within minutes thousands of followers related as they spark conversations with one another. One follower said, "Don't be afraid to change the situation. Most of the time we as women stay longer because we think loving someone is tolerating their all, while another wrote, "I was in the same situation. My parents split when I was 15 and I knew they weren't happy. No crazy fights or anything, just a lack of being in love. My parents are great friends now that they're apart. Thanks for sharing your story!"

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Adrienne recently tied the knot with R&B Christian singer and producer, Israel Houghton in August 2016 in Paris. 

Watch the full clip below.



Today in #GirlChatLive, Adrienne shares how she was impacted by her parents' divorce.

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