Adamari López Has a New Boyfriend!

Although they're trying their best to keep the information from the media, Adamari Lopez and most-desired Spanish dancer Toni Costa can no longer deny that they are dating and very much in love -- to the point that he left everything in his native Spain, where he resides, and settled permanently in Miami to give free reign to their feelings.

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Adamari and Toni met on the hit Spanish-language dance show 'Mira Quien Baila!' and the chemistry between them was something they couldn't ignore, but they left alone -- the first time around -- only to rediscover it when they danced a very sensual tango, in which they couldn't contain themselves, sealing the number with an unscripted kiss on the lips.

Through one of the couple's closest friends, AOL Latino has learned that the flirting and going out were frequent throughout the show. It was only after the show wrapped that the couple descided to give each other an opportunity at love.

"At the end of the show, Toni was to leave for Spain, as stated in his contract with Endemol, the production company that puts on the reality show for Univision. It was there, while in front of them [the producers] that they had the opportunity to separate, but they chose to give it a go. Adamari asked him to stay. While he looked for a place to live, he would stay with her in her apartment," said the close friend, who is very happy for the couple because they are "good people and they look to be very happy and in love."

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