EXCLUSIVE: Adam Rodriguez on 'The Goodwin Games,' Being A Nerd, & Pickup Lines

Into you?!

Yes [Laughs]... whatever you want to call that. So our characters run into each other. The show is really great.

I read somewhere that math wasn’t your best subject. Why’s that?

Math just wasn’t my favorite. I didn’t get how important math is and how it relates to real life. That’s why I think I was turned off to it. Once I got down arithmetic and a little bit of algebra, I think I checked out. As I’ve gotten older, I think there’s a lot more relation to math. English was my favorite subject.

Does your role in The Goodwin Games make you miss school at all?

It kind of did. I actually didn’t really go to college. I enrolled and never showed up. Being on a college campus where we shot some of the scenes in The Goodwin Games… it did make me wish that was an experience that I had.

Do you have a nerdy side?

Yea, absolutely. Totally – much more so than one might expect. I think I’m a trivia nerd. I love to learn about everything. I’m curious.

Did you have any crushes on any of your teachers? How did that turn out?

Unfortunately, no. I can’t say that I had… maybe I needed to go to a different school [Laughs].

Are you single and dating?

… I’m not married! [Laughs]