EXCLUSIVE: Adam Rodriguez on 'The Goodwin Games,' Being A Nerd, & Pickup Lines

Adam Rodriguez is nerdier than we thought. The handsome Cuban and Puerto Rican stars in FOX's brand new comedy The Goodwin Games

The show, which airs on Mondays at 8:30/7:30c, centers on three grown siblings whose father suddenly dies, and in turn, leaves them a vast fortune. They can only inherit the fortune, however, by working on a unique set of tasks set in place by their late father.

38-year-old Rodriguez plays a nerdy math professor on the show. As you can imagine, the new role is very different from his past, more-serious gig on CSI: Miami. We caught up with Rodriguez on the phone recently about his new show, his nerdy side, and, because the world wants to know, a bit about his love life. 

Read our full interview with Rodriguez below:

You play a math professor in The Goodwin Games – a bit of a stretch from CSI: Miami. Tell us about the challenges brought to you by portraying this new role, versus previous work you've done?

First of call, The Goodwin Games is a comedy, a bit of a comedic approach to take to it, pretty different to any approach to being a scientist. It was fun because it can be a little bit exaggerated. I got to work with Becki Newton, who I worked with on Ugly Betty. I basically play this guy whose a math professor and when Becky's character and I were kids, we were in a math club together. We were these complete math nerds. We were the best of friends, and Becky blossomed early and became one of the popular cool girls - left us in the dust. My character continues with his passion for math. He used to be this ugly duckling and turns into this... umm.. this...