EXCLUSIVE: Adam Levine Talks Christina Aguilera's Intimidation Factor on 'The Voice' (Video)

Adam Levine on The Voice

On Tuesday, we chatted with the top 12 contestants of NBC's The Voice, and they told us it was judge Christina Aguilera who intimated them the most.

Well, Wednesday night was elimination night, and it was down to the final three contestants. 

As is true to the change implemented into the show the season, the viewers at home could instantly save one of the bottom three by casting their vote via Twitter.

Two of the three contestants we talked with  on Monday, Austin Jenckes and Caroline Pennell, were up for the instant save, with Jenckes along with fellow team Cee Lo member Kat Robichaud ultimately sent home.

We caught up with Coach Adam Levine (recently named People's 'Sexiest Man Alive'!) after the show to see if Aguilera is indeed, the most intimidating judge. Hey, whatever advice she gave to her contestants worked, as none were up for elimination.

Check it out below!