5 Reasons We’re Loving Guillermo Diaz on ‘Scandal’

If Guillermo Diaz doesn’t earn a Primetime Emmy nomination this season, we’ll go ballistic. The 38-year-old Cuban-American actor has been wowing us with his multi-layered performance as former-C.I.A. -gent-turned- cleanup-guy Huck on ABC’s political thriller Scandal. Here’s a look at 5 Reasons We’re Loving Guillermo Diaz on ‘Scandal.’

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He’s Been Really Vulnerable This Season

Earlier this season, Diaz’s character got a taste of his own medicine when he was apprehended and tortured for information on President Fitz’s assassination attempt. "I've never felt so vulnerable. I was completely naked during those scenes,” Diaz told BuddyTV.com of shooting the scenes. “I was in such a vulnerable position, but the good thing is that we did rehearse the scenes the day before, so that felt good. We rehearsed with the stunt guys and the director, so I felt comfortable with them. It was brutal. It was a tough, long, long day but so worth it. I'm so happy with the final product."  

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He’s Moved Us to Tears

This season, Diaz’s character discovered his family murdered… by the woman he loved, nonetheless… and made us tear up like we’d just lived through the tragedy ourselves. “That was the hardest scene to be honest,” Diaz told the Entertainment Weekly about walking in to discover his slaughtered familia. “It was the most compelling when I read it. It was so intense, and I was so emotional reading it. Then you get there on the day and I just knew I had to be really, really prepared for that scene. But it’s hard. You hope you give enough.

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He’s Still a Man of Mystery

Diaz is undoubtedly Scandal’s most cagey character; you just never know what he’s going to do next. "I love that he's mysterious, and he's mysterious to me, too,” says Diaz of his character. “I don't know where he's going to go in the next few episodes and that's what makes it so exciting. Yes we ask [Show Producer] Shonda [Rimes], but she won't tell us."

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He’s Nothing Short of Loyal

Every woman wants a man who is completely loyal. And Diaz is exactly that on Scandal, doing whatever is necessary for Olivia (Kerry Washington). “I keep comparing him to a stray dog,” Diaz told Entertainment Weekly about his character. “Olivia took him in and he’s loyal to her. But for that stray dog, if the owner treats him well, then his demeanor changes and he turns into a different dog, and he’s turning into a different man now, even more than before.”


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He’s Human in His Inhumanity

This season, Huck has struggled with the monkey on his back… his addiction to violence.  And even though he’s a vicious man, he’s still a beloved character on Scandal. "I think you can see it in Huck that he doesn't want to be this guy. He doesn't want to do this anymore, but he can't help doing it,” says Diaz of his character’s struggle with his own demons. “It's like an alcoholic drinking or [a drug user] using drugs. And we've used that metaphor on the show, he's trying to get 'sober,' but it's difficult and that's a world he knows and there is some sort of alluring thing about that darkness for him and he's trying to stop it. I think you can see it on his face that he doesn't want to do it and he's sad about it and that's why people connect to him."