5 Reasons We Love Nicole Richie’s New Show ‘Fashion Star’

Fashionistas like us love NBC's new show Fashion Star, which premiered last night. The new competition, starring Nicole Richie as a judge, feels like a hybrid between Project Runway and Shark Tank. Find out 5 reasons we love Fashion Star below:

Nicole Richie Expands Fashion Empire!

1. We not only get to see Nicole Ritchie’s great outfits, but we also get to hear her expert advice on everything fashion. We love getting inspired! 

2. Latino designer Oscar Fierro stole the show! While he didn’t get any offers for his designs, his personality seemed to go well with the judges. The entertaining Salvadorian sure is on our radar.

3. Aspiring Latino fashion designers can take notes and learn what mainstream retail buyers are really looking for.

4. You don't have to wait for the styles you love! The looks will be available as soon as the next day. Now, how fab is that?

5. We can't wait to see other talented Latinos take the stage and show their sassy and sexy designs that represent us!