5 Perks of Having 'Survivor' Season 21 in San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua

San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua—the laid back fishing town, turned tourist relaxation spot—is the destination for the new season of Survivor, premiering on CBS on Wednesday, September 15 at 8 p.m. Tune into Season 21 to see who will be the ultimate winner out of The Espada Tribe, the over 40 participants, or the La Flor Tribe, the 30 and younger crowd. Plus, there’s a Latina in each tribe: Brenda Lowe (age 27) and Yve Rojas (age 41).

Although the 20 castaways won’t spend their time surfing at their leisure (a popular pastime of this coastal village), the southwest region of Nicaragua is bound to give them an adventure they’ll never forget.

Here are five reasons San Juan del Sur is a great Survivor location:

1)     The coastal location provides a light breeze, keeping it a warm-yet- comfortable temperature. The temp stays between the upper 70s and mid-80s range.

2)     The cast will have an abundant amount of fish at their fingertips. Locals rely on the beach for their livelihood and so can the castaways.

3)     The town is lodged between the sea and Lago de Nicaragua, the largest freshwater body in Central America. Freshwater is an important natural resource; contestants will fare well with this unlimited amount of drinking water.

4)     Bull sharks, commonly known to inhabit the country’s Pacific coast, don’t frequent San Juan del Sur. Contestants, the coast is clear!

5)     Participants are just a walk, bus or sailboat away from help. The fact that tourists are flocking to this village can only benefit the tribes (when in need of additional resources—wink, wink!).