4 Spanish Series You Should All Be Binge Watching

Raise your hand if you grew up watching novelas. I don’t have to be a genius to guess that most of you have your hands up. Because growing up in a Latino household meant you had to endure hours a day of your mom or abuela tuning into their daily TV shows. And while most of us grew up watching Colombian or Mexican soap operas, there is a new guilty pleasure I recently discovered — Spanish series. Yes, Spanish as in from Spain.

Though I love me some Soraya Montenegro—aka the queen of all things drama—Spanish series have the perfect balance of drama, romance, and acción! If you are a newbie to this genre here are four series everyone needs to binge watching! What are you waiting for?! Get comfortable because you'll be spending quite some time on Netflix. 

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1. Velvet


If you believe in true love, this show is for you. Velvet follows the story of a young and handsome heir to a fashion house in Madrid who falls in love with a seamstress.

You’ll probably recognize Miguel Angel Silvestre as the main character, Alberto. The Spanish heartthrob has appeared on some of our favorite Netflix series such as Sense 8 and Narcos.

2. Cable Girls


Set in the 1920s, this Netflix Original follows four women who work as switchboard operators at a telephone company in Spain as they fight for their independence in a male dominated society.

3. Gran Hotel


Dubbed the “Spanish Downtown Abby” Gran Hotel is centered around a luxurious family-owned hotel filled with dark secrets. Recently it was announced that Eva Longoria will be producing an English version of the series for ABC.

4. La Casa de Papel


La Casa de Papel also known as Money Heist is definitely one of Netflix's hidden gems. The series follows a group of thieves who plan the biggest heist of the century at the Fábrica Nacional de Moneda y Timbre.