13 Latinos Who Should Guest Star on 'Glee'

OMG, we think Glee is trying to make us lose our minds! After dropping hints that Ricky Martin may guest star as the hottest Spanish teacher ever and confirming that Gloria Estefan would be guest starring as Santana Lopez's mother on the show next season,  EW reported today that they are also trying to cast Pitbull! According to the website, the Miami-bred cubano is being courted to play Santana's (played by part-Boricua actress Naya Rivera) big brother.

The news has not been confirmed yet by Pitbull’s rep, but if this plan solidifies, the suave rapper will be in good company. Billboard reported earlier this week that Martin and Estefan would appear in a Spanglish (side note: awesome!) episode but EW is claiming that's no longer the case and that Martin is set to have his own episode.

Either way, these reports are blowing our minds. We’re so excited that we started thinking about other Latino stars we'd love to see guest star on Glee. Here's our wish list!

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1. Glee: Pitbull

Pitbull, 30: There’s no doubt that Pitbull is a hit-maker – just glance at his discography. Mr. Worldwide (who was Latina’s June-July 2011 cover model) has collaborated with some of the hottest stars in the entertainment business right now, including but not limited to Boricua superstar Jennifer Lopez and Spanish international star Enrique Iglesias. You can’t touch Pitbull’s cred. As the life of the party, we can only imagine the rapper guest starring in a Glee episode and how that would go down….

2. Glee: Sara Ramirez

Sara Ramirez, 33: Before Mexican actress, Sara Ramirez started working in the ER at Seattle Grace Hospital—the Grey’s Anatomy star won the 2005 Tony for Best Actress for her role as the Lady of the Lake in Monty Python’s Spamalot. If this gifted soprano can’t fill the hearts of Americans with glee—we don’t know who can!

3. Glee: Cote de Pablo

Cote de Pablo, 30: On NCIS’ 6th season, Chilean actress, Cote de Pablo—who plays federal agent Ziva David and has a background in musical theater—performed a sexy song and dance number to the song "Temptation." If anyone associated with Glee were to see that, Cote’s phone would be ringing off the hook.

4. Glee: David Archuleta

David Archuleta, 19: What can we say about Archie? We love his music—including the beautiful renditions of "Imagine" that he performed on Idol and his own original hit single, "Crush." Seriously, who could possibly be a better match to play Kurt’s (Chris Colfer) boyfriend on the show than the adorable Archie?

5. Glee: Lin-Manuel Miranda

Lin-Manuel Miranda, 30: Sure, Mr. Shuester (Matthew Morrison) can sing—but we learned the hard way that he can't rap like In the Heights composer-lyricist Lin-Manuel Miranda. The talented Boricua would bring some flow and much needed urban swagger to the show and he's good friends with Morrison in real life, so this is a tangible possibility.

6. Glee: Jennifer Lopez

J-Lo, 41: Rumor has it that Glee Executive Producer, Ryan Murphy wants La Lopez to guest star on the show as a lunch lady. We’re not impressed by that idea. The only place our beloved J-Lo should be serving anything is on the dance floor! We would love to see Lopez come on the show as a choreographer who helps give The New Directions some (much needed) dance tips. Seriously, have you seen Finn (Cory Montieth) dance?

7. Glee: Rita Moreno

Rita Moreno, 77: Boricua actress Rita Moreno is the first and only Latina to win an Emmy (1977), a Grammy (1972), a Tony (1975) and an Oscar (1962). And we bet that at age 77—the woman who played the feisty Anita in West Side Story—can still hold her own against some of Glee’s hottest singers and dancers. Why not introduce Moreno as Rachel’s (Lea Michele) talented grandmother?

8. Glee: Kat DeLuna

Kat DeLuna, 22: Can you picture Kat DeLuna –and her unique five-octave range—bringing an urban, hip-hop element to Glee? Because we sure can! The dominicana from the Bronx—whose second studio album, Inside Out is due out this fall—could join the cast as a Santana's talented older sister, or even better, rival. We’re just sayin’.

9. Glee: Javier Bardem

Javier Bardem, 41: There’s a rumor out there that just won't die that Oscar winner Javier Bardem will be guest starring on Glee this season as an aging Spanish rock star who befriends Artie (Kevin McHale) and romances Sue Sylvester (Jane Lynch). But with his brooding ways, we think he should play a fellow obsessive compulsive who makes a play for guidance counselor, Emma (Jayma Mays)!

10. Glee: Demi Lovato

Demi Lovato, 18: Singer-songwriter Demi Lovato spent her summer rocking out on a tour with The Jonas Brothers, and filming the sequel to her wildly successful musical made-for-TV movie, Camp Rock 2: The Final Jam. Our point? This girl can perform! Why not bring her in as a super-bitchy Cheerio who makes enemies with the Glee club and works for the devil herself—Sue Sylvester—now that Santana, Quinn and Britney have abandoned the cause?

11. Glee: Allison Iraheta

Allison Iraheta, 18: Tina (Jenna Ushkowitz) needs a rocker friend to jam out with every now and then, and who better to play the part than Salvadorean rocker, Allison Iraheta? The former American Idol contestant—who placed fourth on the show’s 8th season—could easily pass for a student at McKinley high school. 

12. Glee: Ricky Martin

Ricky Martin, 39

While we loved Gwyneth Paltrow as Spanish teacher Holly Holiday on Glee's second season, we were thrilled to read this week's news that Puerto Rican superstar Ricky Martin may be McKinley High School's new Spanish teacher next year! With a hot teacher like Ricky, we're sure all of the Gleeks are going to ace their Spanish class!






13. Glee: Gloria Estefan

Gloria Estefan, 54

The kids at McKinley High school have performed every genre of music from Adele to Alicia Keys to Travie McCoy—but they’ve yet to "shake their body and do the conga!" If the news is true that the Cuban Queen of Latin Pop is joining FOX’s hit show in the role of Santana’s (Naya Rivera) mother—we wont be able to control ourselves any longer!

14. Glee: Related Slide