11 Latinos Who Have Starred on ‘Dexter!’

With the season finale of Showtime’s hit serial killer drama Dexter airing this Sunday at 9/8c, we thought we'd pay homage to the most Latino show on television by taking a look back at all of the Latino stars who have helped make the show must-see TV over the years. Without further ado, here are 11 Latinos who have starred on Dexter!

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1. Dexter: Courtney Ford

Courtney Ford, 33

Seasons: 4

Half-Spanish actress Courtney Ford played Christine Hill, a Miami Tribune reporter who develops a relationship with Quinn (Desmond Harrington) on the fourth season of Dexter. At first, it seemed like Christine was an ambitious journalist who went to great lengths for a story (such as sleeping with Quinn). Jaws dropped when it was later revealed that Christine was actually Trinity’s (John Lithgow) estranged daughter—and that she was the one who shot Debra (Jennifer Carpenter) and killed serial killer hunter, Frank Lundy (Keith Carradine). In the end, when she confesses to Deb that she killed Lundy, Christine grabs a gun and shoots herself in the throat just as Deb yells, “No…don’t!” It's one of the most compelling moments in Dexter history. 

2. Dexter: Christian Camargo

Christian Camargo, 40

Seasons: 1, 2 & 6

Years before Trinity (John Lithgow) showed up in Miami, the show had a seriously lethal villain in Brian Moser (AKA The Ice Truck Killer), played by Mexican actor Christian Camargo. Brian (who also went by the alias Rudy Cooper) was Dexter’s biological older brother and the main antagonist of the first season. A violent sociopath, he murdered several prostitutes until Dexter slashed his throat and drained his blood into a bucket, while making it look like a suicide. Although he died at the end of season one, Brian returned in season two and six, both times in Dexter’s visions.

3. 121611 dexter Jimmy Smits

Jimmy Smits, 56

Seasons: 3

In season three, the half-Puerto Rican actor played Assistant District Attorney Miguel Prado, an influential man who had a reputation for bringing bad guys to justice with the harsh enforcement of the law. A former love interest of Laguerta’s (Lauren Velez), Miguel developed a close bond with Dexter and was one of the only people who knew the truth about Dexter's dark passenger. Eventually, Dexter realized that Miguel was a liar (and a manipulator) who had no respect for the code, and just when Miguel was about to kill Laguerta, Dexter killed Miguel by slicing his throat. Smits received an Emmy nomination for Outstanding Guest Star in a Drama Series for his role as Miguel Prado. 

4. Dexter: Lauren Velez

Lauren Velez, 47

Seasons: 1-6

The Puerto Rican character actress—who is also well known for her role as Detective Nina Moreno on FOX’s groundbreaking procedural New York Undercover—has been playing Maria Laguerta for six seasons now. In seasons one through five, Laguerta was Miami Metro Homicide’s Lt., but this year, she was promoted to Captain. Her love interests have all been different (in season 1 she had the hots for Dexter, and in season three she rekindled her romance with District Attorney Miguel Prado (Jimmy Smits)—a fellow Latino in power, who shared her penchant for political persuasion and diplomacy. Although she married Sgt. Angel Batista (David Zayas) in season 4, in the end, Laguerta chose her career over love, resulting in her and Batista’s divorce by season five. 

5. Dexter: David Zayas

David Zayas, 41

Seasons: 1-6

Like Velez, Puerto Rican actor David Zayas has played Angel Batista since the show’s pilot episode. In season 1, Angel was a detective for Miami Metro Homicide, but by season three—in the aftermath of Doakes’ (Erik King) death—the reliable, skull-cracking cop was promoted to Sgt. Batista isn’t just one of the most well-liked detectives at Miami Metro—he’s also one of the department’s snazziest dressers—his trademark is a Trilby hat. 

6. 121611 dexter Valerie Cruz

Valerie Cruz, 35

Seasons: 3

In season three, Cuban actress Valerie Cruz played Sylvia Prado, the wife of Miguel Prado (Jimmy Smits). A real estate agent with plenty of style, Sylvia helped Rita (Julie Benz) find a house for her, Dexter and their children. In the process, Sylvia and Rita became close friends—which makes sense since neither of them knew the truth about their violent husbands’ secret lives.

7. 121611 dexter April Lee Hernandez

April Lee Hernandez, 31

Seasons: 5

In season five, Puerto Rican actress April Lee Hernandez (Freedom Writers) played Cira Manzon, a uniform cop who bumped heads with Deb (Jennifer Carpenter) while investigating the Santa Muerte case. After playing a key role in solving the killings, Cira was promoted to Detective. However, Hernandez did not return to the show for season six. 

8. 121611 dexter Liza Lapira

Liza Lapira, 30

Seasons: 3

Part-Spanish actress Liza Lapira played the recurring role of Yuki Amado, an Internal Affairs officer who investigated Quinn (Desmond Harrington) on the third season of Dexter. Yuki tried to get Deb (Jennifer Carpenter) to help her investigate Quinn and his shady behavior, but instead Deb told Quinn Yuki was out to get him. 

9. 121611 dexter Jesse Borrego

Jesse Borrego, 49

Seasons: 3

On the third season of Dexter, Mexican actor Jesse Borrego played George King, a Nicaraguan serial killer known as “The Skinner." George King tortured his victims by slowly removing strips of their flesh with a machete over the course of hours, or even days. 

10. Dexter: Aimee Garcia

Aimee Garcia, 33

Seasons: 6

Half-Puerto Rican, half-Mexican actress Aimee Garcia (Trauma, The George Lopez Show) joined Dexter in season 6 in the recurring role of Jaime, Batista’s (David Zayas’) little sister and the nanny to Dexter’s (Michael C. Hall) son, Harrison. “She’s super fun, cool, sassy, sexy and smart,” Garcia told Latina.com of her character. “Also, she's very comfortable in a bikini. The first time you see her, she's in a bikini.” 

11. Dexter: Edward James Olmos

Edward James Olmos, 64

Seasons: 6

Before the sixth season of Dexter began, Mexican actor Edward James Olmos talked to Latina.com about his character Professor James Gellar—a former religious studies professor who is believed to be one of the Doomsday killers. “I’m a very good guy doing very bad things,” he said. At the time, we didn’t know what Olmos meant by that, but after seeing episode nine—where it is revealed that Olmos’ character isn’t one of the Doomsday Killers, but rather a product of Travis’ (Colin Hanks) psychotic imagination—we realized that Olmos had given us a major spoiler (albeit one that had to be deciphered, much in the same way that the Doomsday Killers give clues into their various tablows). 

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