10 Things Shakira and Dora the Explorer Have in Common!

Shakira recently teamed up with Dora the Explorer on an adorable song called "Todos Juntos," and earlier tonight, the superstar singer appeared in a special episode of Dora on Nick Jr. We love the new partnership between Shaki and Dora, so we asked our Facebook readers to tell us what the two inspiring Latinas have in common. Here are our favorite reader comments!

WATCH: Shakira & Dora the Explorer Team up for "Todos Juntos"

Selena Cruz: "They both belly dance?"

Niecy Ortiz: "They're both Latina and they can both sing."

Jenna Jaramillo: "They're both bilingual!"

Misty Adcock: "They ♥ to tango!"

Rosalba Sandoval: "They love to help. Dora {teaches} many kids in the world to learn and be succesful and Shakira {teaches them} to be independent and successful in a man's world."

Etoyia Frazier: "They are both sending a message. Dora teaches Spanish and numbers, and Shakira teaches belly dancing and how to be sexy."

Jamie GleeFreak: "They're not afraid to show their roots."

Ahhkay P: "They're both from Latin America?"

Cristian De Anda: "They are both 4' 10."

Rebecca Oliveira: "They are both being watched on TV by my kids now. Ugh. Just when mommy wanted a moment to herself! lol!"