10 Things Zoe Saldana Can Do With Her Fake Language Skills

Sure, Angelina Jolie may speak several languages… She reportedly speaks French, German, Spanish and Italian, and she even learned Russian while filming the action-thriller Salt.

But Jolie has nothing on Zoë Saldaña… Not only does the 34-year-old Puerto Rican and Dominican actress speak Spanish and English, she also knows the Na’vi language after starring as Neytiri in James Cameron’s blockbuster film Avatar; and she learned Klingon for her role as Uhura in Star Trek Into Darkness, which opens nationwide this weekend.

“I had such a fun time getting to know the language, trying to find it within me to find the tonality, the pronunciation, everything,” said Saldaña about learning Klingon in a recent interview with MSN Canada.

And while Na’vi and Klingon may not be useful in everyday life, here’s a look at 10 ways Saldaña can have a little fun with her useless languages.


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