EXCLUSIVE: Sophi Alvarez on 'The Vineyard,' Being Discovered by Emilio Estefan & More!

You were discovered by Emilio Estefan and even helped him compose a song, what was that like? In what ways have he and Gloria [Estefan] impacted you?

I was shocked when he asked me to help him write! I had just graduated high school and taken a creative writing course, so that was my moment to put my skills to the test. Working with him and Gloria is an ongoing learning experience.

They are inspirational and down to earth. I see them all the time when I go in the studio, they work just as hard as all the engineers and artists. I'm blessed to be around people who are so genuine, determined, and professional because it sets an example for the rest of us.

Music seems to really be where your passion lies! Who is the one Latino star you would do just about anything for to collaborate with?

I would probably say either Shakira or Alejandro Sanz. They are phenom!

You've been influenced/inspired by musical sensations such as Christina Aguilera, Alejandro Sanz and Shakira. In what way would you say each one of them has influenced/inspired you?

Christina's voice is out of this world. Her album "Back To Basics" is one that nowadays still inspires the sort of style I want in my music. Not to mention she is 90's teen royalty. Alejandro Sanz and Shakira inspire the Latina side in me. Their raw lyrics and arrangements, especially in their early work, is pure quality; it is deep but simple. This is what makes them legitimate, respected, and unique.

"This is Our Love" was #5 on the Billboard charts, congratulations! What did that feel like and how has it motivated you further?

It was so rewarding to see my name on the charts. It is proof that all my hard work is paying off and motivation for the records to come!

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