10 Famous Celebs & Their Sisters

August 4th marks a very special national holiday called Sister's Day. This day celebrates women for being or having a sister.

In honor of Sister's Day, here are 10 celebrities and their sisters who make those of us without sisters all wish we had an hermana:

1. Sisters: Jennifer Lopez

Jennifer, Lynda & Leslie Lopez

These sisters are one big Puerto Rican powerhouse. J.Lo is a Hollywood megastar, Lynda is an Emmy-award winning journalist and Leslie is a middle school teacher in Westchester, NY. This is one group of sisters that have always been and continue to be inseperable.

2. Sisters: Penelope Cruz

Penelope & Monica Cruz

Estas Española’s are always in sync and never too far apart from each other. They are so close that even their daughters were born just two months apart. Absolutely precioso!

3. Sisters: Sofia Vergara

Sofia & Sandra Vergara

The Colombian superstar has an adopted sister who also happens to be her biological cousin. Sofia’s younger sister has been in Maxim and is also an actress, appearing on the CBS soap opera The Bold and the Beautiful.

4. Sisters: Demi Lovato

Demi, Dallas Lovato & Madison de la Garza

This Mexican American trio is always down for each other. When Demi entered a treatment facility for “physical and emotional issues” her sisters stood right by her, never leaving her side.

5. Sisters: Zoe Saldana

Zoe, Mariel & Cisley Saldana

These Dominican sisters have always been close and grew even closer after their father passed away when Zoe was only nine-years-old. According to Zoe, they are so connected and have a very special bond. “I’ll text my mom once a day,” says Zoe. “But my sisters? Every 30 minutes we’re on BlackBerry Messenger.”

6. Sisters: Gisele Bundchen

Gisele, Patricia, Raquel, Graziela, Gabriela & Rafaela Bundchen 

Gisele not only has a fraternal twin sister, but she also grew up with four others. Gisele joined a modeling course with her sisters Patricia and Gabriela. These Brazilians are certainly all gorgeous and intelligent women.

7. Sisters: Selena Gomez

Selena Gomez & Grace Elliot Teefey

As soon as Selena found her mom was expecting, she took to social media to share the news with the world. Grace was born a little over a month ago and since then, Selena can't get enough. “I’m a relatively new big sister, but it’s the best thing ever,” Selena shared with People Magazine. “My bliss is coming home and seeing her after I have been working.”

8. Sisters: Adrienne Bailon

Adrienne & Claudette Bailon

There's nothing like having an older sister who you can really look up to, and Adrienne has just that in Claudette. The two are so close that Adrienne was with Claudette every step of the way throughout her pregnancy, and was even given the great honor of being named her niece's godmother. Beautiful!

9. Sisters: Eva Longoria

Eva, Emily, Esmeralda & Elizabeth Longoria

Eva is the baby of her family. She is the youngest of four and always been very close with her older sisters: Emily, Esmeralda and Elizabeth (or Lisa as she likes to call her). Longoria’s oldest sister Lisa has special needs and is the reason why she co-founded the charity, Eva’s Heroes. Talk about being one supportive hermanita!


10. Sisters: Nicole Richie

Nicole & Sofia Richie

These girls are like la uña y el dedo. Nicole takes Sofia with her wherever she can, which even includes recently going to a piercing parlor together to change up their looks.