Commentary: Would a Nude Scene Further Selena Gomez's Career?

Personally, I think it already has with Gomez's suggestive writhing in her "Come & Get It" video and her bikini-clad body in the recently released film Spring Breakers. Oh, and she broke up with Justin Beiber and is now reportedly dating an actual adult, so I'm thinking she's good on the I'm-Now-a-Serious-Actress Thing.

But I'm not the one calling the shots in Hollywood. With the current Hollywood formula in place, Gomez really has no choice but to go buff to stay in the game. "Growing up" and "former child star" seem to have become synonyms for "Adult, Edgy, and Rumored to Go Nude" headlines. Katie Holmes went nude in an "edgy" movie role while playing good girl Joey Potter in Dawson's Creek, Miley Cyrus caused all kinds of uproar when she posed mostly nude for a Vanity Fair cover at 15, and Saved by the Bell's Elizabeth Berkley bombed in her birthday suit while trying to use Showgirls as her "crossover" into landing roles that didn't come with a laugh track.

So yes, I expect Selena to follow the pattern. And I expect fallout, her career to suffer, and her reps to defend her baring it all by saying things like "for the art" and "serious actress" and "if the role calls for it." Bitch Media calls it "a rite of passage" in a piece blaming the industry for creating the circumstance in which Gomez currently finds herself. And more often than not, the actress herself ends up taking the fall for taking the only route available which, frankly, is utter bullshit.