Commentary: Would a Nude Scene Further Selena Gomez's Career?

Another former Disney starlet is trying to break free of the squeaky clean image and show the world she's gown up. I'm referring, of course, to the rumors surrounding Selena Gomez and whether she's planning on, ahem, showing us her chops.

You know.... the nekkid kind.

Gomez is the 20-year-old, sweet-faced, good girl with a clean slate and most known for her role on Disney's Wizards of Waverly Place. She can also boast a successful singing career with a few hit songs. "Love You Like a Love Song," anyone? But child stars have a short shelf life and the race is on to successfully establish herself as an adult is on. Anyone care to guess what comes next?

That's right: rumors that Gomez is talking about baring it all "if the role calls for it" and the expected (and obviously rehearsed) denials from those closest to her. Don't pretend to look surprised. We all knew this day would come.