Selena Gomez on Demi Lovato: "She is My Best Friend"

If Demi Lovato needs someone to lean on now that she's out of rehab, she can always count on her childhood best friend, Selena Gomez

"Many people believe that there is some rivalry between us, whether because of our age, our music or the programs that we do, etc.," Gomez told the Spanish outlet, El Paradirario. "But there is no rivalry. Demi and I have been friends since we were 6-years-old when we first met while working on the TV show Barney. She is my best friend," she added. 

This is the first time that Gomez has directly addressed the rumor that she and Demi, who once made funny videos together on Youtube, have grown apart. "Like with Miley," adds Selena, "We respect each others careers and our friendship and there is much admiration— mutual admiration that makes us keep our friendship," she said.