Salma Hayek: 10 Sexy & Serious (Real-Life) Roles!

Salma Hayek is one amazing woman. Between her many business ventures (Makeup! Cleanses! Production company!) and her activist and charity work, she’s one of the most well-rounded women in Hollywood. Here we’re taking a look at her sexiest and most serious roles – both on and off the screen.


Serious: Chime for Change

In a new philanthropic initiative with Gucci and Beyonce, the actress will work to establish a new “movement” for female empowerment, Chime for Change. The initiative focuses around three pillars for women’s success: health, education and
justice. It will highlight inspirational women figures and give back to communities and projects that further women’s rights.  Find out more at


Sexy: She Tops ‘Sexiest Celebs’ List

According to a Hollywood poll in 2007, Salma Hayek was named the “sexiest” celebrity in Hollywood. Since then, she’s topped many “sexy” polls and lists, including celebrity crush lists of some of the hottest stars, including Tyler Posey.


Serious: CEO of Her Own Production Company

The successful Mexicana is the CEO of her own film production company, Ventanarosa, which she founded in 1999. This company has brought El Coronel No Tiene Quien le Escriba, In the Time of Butterflies, and Frida all to the screen, and
helped launch Ugly Betty in the United States.


Sexy: Painted as Aztec Goddess Itzpapalotl for Gallery

In 2006, the star was depicted as the Aztec goddess Itzpapalotl by muralist George Yepes and filmmaker Robert Rodriguez. The paintings were shown at the Blue Star Contemporary Art Studio in San Antonio. Itzapapalotl was a goddess who could
appear in the form of a beautiful, seductive woman or terrible monster-looking warrior with a skeletal head and butterfly wings supplied with stone blades.


Serious: Monetary Support to Different Charity Groups

Salma has given thousands upon thousands to different charities, including shelters for battered women and anti-domestic violence groups. She also serves as a board member of V-Day, the charity founded by playwright Eve Ensler. In 2010, she was
recognized and given a nomination for the VH1 Do Something Awards.


Sexy: She Rocks Her Curves

Let’s state the obvious: Salma is breathtakingly beautiful! With a body like hers, it’s easy to see why she’s a favorite of fans and filmmakers.


Serious: Business-Minded Entrepreneur

In 2011, Salma launched a line of beauty products named Nuance by Salma Hayek to be sold at CVS. With the great-selling line, Salma also co-founded a line of cleanses called coolercleanse.


Sexy: She Owns It

She’s sexy and she knows it! The star has often made comments about confidence and sex appeal, but she also knows when to turn on the charm. When describing the Savages movie to Jimmy Fallon, she told the audience, “if you don't like sexy then don't come see this movie.” Well said.


Serious: Testifying for the Violence Against Women Act

Salma has worked bringing awareness to different charity organizations and initiatives, including violence against women and discrimination. On July 19, 2005, Hayek testified before the U.S. Senate Committee on the Judiciary supporting
reauthorizing the Violence Against Women Act, which puts significant emphasis on investigation and prosecution of those involved with violent crimes against women.


Sexy: Funny is Sexy

Salma is a spitfire! Her comedic chops were put to the test most recently (and she came out with flying colors!) with her stint on the show 30 Rock, playing Alec Baldwin’s girlfriend-turned-wife. Is there anything sexier than a funny woman?  Yeah, we didn’t think so.