Salma Hayek Has a New Mustache (But It’s Not What You Think)

Imagine waking up and seeing Salma Hayek drinking milk in your kitchen! She would sure make any lactose intolerant person a believer. The Mexican beauty is rocking a robe, hair rollers, and a milk mustache for her latest ‘Got Milk’ national ad campaign.

The Grown-Ups star has been getting fans to drink to their health since partnering with The Milk Processor Education Program, an organization funded by America’s milk processors, last year. She also jumpstarted the campaign, The Breakfast Project, which is dedicated to reaching all demographics about the importance of eating the first meal of the day and maintaining a balanced diet.

“When you’re growing like my little daughter, it’s very important to have calcium,” says Salma in her new promo. “I think it’s crucial to have a breakfast that’s going to make you think clear and have energy throughout the day.”

Watch Salma Hayek in the promotional video below and catch 5 of her funniest and sexiest commercials here!