Happy News! Ryan Guzman Will Take His Clothes Off in 'Made 2: Ladies Man'

Ryan Guzman plans on showing off his perfectly chiseled abs for fans to drool over all over again. The Step Up Revolution star, who was voted our sexiest Latino man alive, will be stripping down for his new MTV movie titled, Made 2: Ladies Man.

The movie is about a recent high school graduate who taps into his inner player by hitting on his old babysitter, who happens to have a jealous boyfriend (played by Ryan). “My character is a bit of an a-hole. He’s like nothing I’ve played before,” said the Mexican actor to MTV News.

He also added, "It'll be more of a 'Magic Mike' kind of feel to it, though so it's a little bit more stripping with hard choreography."

A premiere date has not been set for the television movie as of yet.

Listen to Ryan Guzman’s phone interview below and let us know, are you excited for his new role?