Ricky Martin May Seek Spanish Citizenship to Marry his Longtime BF

The Spanish-language tabloids are claiming that Ricky Martin may be seeking Spanish citizenship in order to make his relationship with longtime boyfriend Carlos Gonzalez official.

His good friend, Spanish model Esther Cañadas, has reportedly even offered up her house so that Ricky can have a place to stay while he applies for citizenship. The whispers began just weeks after the Puerto Rican pop star openly confirmed his relationship with Gonzalez by thanking him at the GLAAD awards. He may even be planning a move to the motherland since same-sex marriage is legal there.

Martin has yet to confirm the wedding bells, telling the media coyly, "It would be lovely, but there are no plans at the moment to marry." Gonzalez was front and center as Ricky kicked off his world tour in San Juan, so marriage or not—they are definitely going strong!