Crushing On...Paul Rodriguez Jr.

Pro skateboarder, actor, and mogul Paul Rodriguez Jr. started riding when he was 11 years old and has built an empire from his moves ever since. Here are more reasons why we love the Mexican American star (also known as P-Rod):

- He’s an inspiration: Young skateboard riders can look up to his passion and success. Paul sent a demo tape to DNA Skateboards showing off his riding skills and landed his first sponsorship in 1999. Since then, other deals came pouring in including sponsors with Target, Nike, Mountain Dew, and many more.

- He’s a champion: He has ranked first place in several competitions including the industry’s X-games, which led him to become a video game icon on the Tony Hawk franchises.

- He knows how to treat a woman: The 27-year-old lives in California with his wife Rainbow and his daughter Heaven. If he ever gets in trouble with his lady, he knows how to get out of it. He mentioned in an interview with Latina, “Sometimes we have what I call milestone arguments with a girl. That means afterward, we don’t do whatever we did wrong again. And if we buy you flowers, we know subconsciously why we’re doing it: We messed up, and we know they make you feel better. To us, they’re just flowers, but if it works, it works.” We are sure it does!

Watch Paul Rodriguez showing off his skills below!