'Portlandia' Star Fred Armisen on His Mother's "Spanish Accent," His Latin Roots & More!

As the co-creator and co-star of Portlandia and the second-longest running cast mate on SNL, Fred Armisen draws plenty of inspiration from his Latino roots. The half-Venezuelan comedian is known for creating hilarious and insanely popular characters on the NBC franchise, including the Dominican talk show host Manuel Ortiz and the timbales-playing Fericito, also known for his catch phrase, “I’m jus kiddin.’”

While some believe these characters feed off of stereotypes, there's no denying that the 46-year-old actor has made these colorful characters part of American pop culture. When asked how his background influences his work he told Latina.com exclusively, “I think it helps when I’m covering a character with a Spanish accent. My mother has one since she’s Venezuelan and my maternal side of the family, so that always helps.”

Now the comedian and actor is gearing up for a brand new season of the IFC hit series Portlandia, also co-starring Carrie Brownstein. Since its debut in 2011, the show has developed a strong cult following. On the show's success he said, "I think that maybe people are reacting because it’s a very affectionate show and warm. There’s an optimism to it that I think maybe people react to."

Their insanely funny skits will be featured in a new special called Winter in Portlandia, which airs this Friday, December 14th at 10:30pm ET/PT. The third season of Portlandia airs Friday, January 4th at 10:00pm ET/PT.

Watch a sneak peek of the new season below. Are you a fan of the show?