'Playing for Keeps' Star Gerard Butler: "I Wish I Was Latin"

Gerard Butler has been making the media rounds to promote his new movie, Playing for Keeps, and the actor isn't shy about sharing his love of latin culture. Appearing on Despierta America, the 43-year-old actor remarked on his wish to be Latino, reports JustJared.com

"I wish I was Latin because everyone is from a different country, but there is such a great camaraderie between everybody," said Gerard. "All the women (Latinas) are unbelievably beautiful, and the guys are so fun. It's a really nice atmosphere." 

The actor, while visiting Miami, had shared with Latina.com just how much he loved Latinas: "If someone other than me were to describe my type of woman, they often describe a taller woman with dark hair and dark skin, which is a lot like the Latinas I've met in Miami. It's not that I have one specific type [of woman] that I love but I like girls that [have those features]... I love their energy and their spice. They are so fun!"

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