Let’s Play: Guess That Star!

Have you heard Rebecca Black’s “Friday”? Well, who hasn’t? Whether you think she’s a terrible singer or simply enjoy the little ditty, her lyrics are exactly how we at Latina are feeling today: everybody’s lookin’ forward to the weekend! 

Sometimes you get to the middle of the week, pass it and then you’re just sitting there, waiting. Seriously, guys, is Friday here yet? Well, if you’re counting down the hours (like we are, just a tiny bit), then we’ve got a little treat for you. 

Our friends over at Entertainment Tonight have just introduced us to their oh-so-fun “Guess That Star!game and, ahem, we’re a little obsessed. 

If you’re thinking “What’s a girl to do on a quiet Thursday afternoon?”, then we suggest you go and spend some time having fun with this little game. Trust us on this one. It’s a fun pre-weekend treat!

Head to ETOnline.com to play the “Guess That Star!” game.

What do you think of the fun game? How many stars were you able to identify? Tell us in the comments below!