EXCLUSIVE: Paulina Garces Dishes On Her Show 'ReMexa,' Beauty Tips & More!

EXCLUSIVE: Paulina Garces

What does a day in the life of Paulina Garces look like? How do you stay connected to your spirituality? 

Everyday is different since I am always working on different projects. But I try to sleep 8 hours, I need them. Wake up, take about nine different natural supplements, eat vegetables and drink veggie soup! It's so important to make sure the first thing in your body is alkaline, especially for women. Then, I used to meditate every morning but since my schedule is so tight I just try to remember to breath and stay connected. I make sure I stay present by sensing different parts of my body.

I practice Kundalini yoga and it has been an incredible tool for me, especially through big emotional challenges in my life. That and my faith and lifestyle has really carried me through specially since I am an immigrant and have no family here. My love goes out to those in the same situation. I always have a lot on my plate so I ALWAYS have a huge list! But I have learned to prioritize and keep realistic expectations, and be kinder to myself.

How do you make sure to stay fit and always look your best, even with your busy schedule? 

I watch what I eat and before I make a choice I try to remember what's really important at that moment -- I gave up bread! I avoid sugar. I do plain yogurt with stevia, almonds and cinnamon since I have a sweet tooth! Just trick your body and your mind. Most people eat what they do because of the emotional affect really. I do cardio as well. And Spinning for the past 15 years now -- that's how I got the legs! [Laughs]

How did you get into spinning and yoga? 

I was going to college and couldn't train for two hours a day anymore, so I started spinning and fell in love. It has my two favorites things: music and speed! I got into yoga right before my divorce. I got very sick and all I have to say is that God and time heals all, and it has been a beautiful journey to  self-awareness.

You have been hosting music shows for a couple of years now, who or what band would you say has been the best you've ever heard?

I mean I have done different genres, so that's a really tough question! From Regional Mexican music I love Ramon Ayala, Intocable and Regulo Caro. Besides that, Zoe from Mexico, Jorge Drexler and Francisca Valenzuela from Chile, and Calle 13 from Puerto Rico I would love to interview Kendrick Lamar, if you are reading [Laughs]!

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