EXCLUSIVE: Paulina Garces Dishes On Her Show 'ReMexa,' Beauty Tips & More!

EXCLUSIVE: Paulina Garces

Whenever we are in the mood to listen to Regional Mexican music, we love to turn to Tr3s and watch ReMexa!

La Chica Con Chispa, Paulina Garces, was born on August 20 in Medellin, Colombia. This fiery Leo took a break from her busy schedule to talk to us about her love for spinning, musica Regional Mexicana and what it's like being the host of ReMexa.

Want to find out more about Paulina? Check out our interview below:

Message from Paulina: First thanks to everyone for their support with ReMexa on Tr3s. People are enjoying it and our crew is really having a blast making it!

You're always in front of a camera, what are some of your best kept beauty secrets? What are you favorite products to use, and what is one product you absolutely cannot live without? 

Best kept secret would be: you are what you eat. Very important to approach food as medicine and really listen to your body and be in tune with it. Also my guilty pleasure, I see my esthetician once a week (or twice) for beauty treatments, and of course I work out at least twice a week, especially now being so busy. But even if you are super busy choose the stairs instead of the elevator!

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