The Latino Recast of 2013 Oscar Nominees!

Oscars' time is fast approaching! As we countdown to cheer on our favorite celebrities and check out what they rock to the red carpet, we also can’t help but acknowledge that Latino nominees were pretty much non-existent this year. We are taking matters into our own hands with our signature Latino recast. Hollywood can sure use more diversity! Check out our picks and let us know what you think!

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Bradley CooperSilver Linings Playbook

Nominated for "Lead Actor"

Latino recast: Freddy Rodriguez

Cooper may have nailed his role as a man with bipolar disorder, but there’s no doubt that Rodriguez would deliver a gritty and compelling depiction of Pat Solitano. The 38-year-old actor’s role as the restorative artist Federico on HBO’s hit series, Six Feet Under, proved that he could play a man recovering from a crippled marriage and attempting to rebuild his life.

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Hugh JackmanLes Misérables

Nominated for "Lead Actor"

Latino recast: Ricky Martin

Who can deny that the Puerto Rican star was born to play Jean Valjean? The father-of-two rocked his performance as Che in the Broadway revival of Andrew Lloyd Webber’s musical, Evita, and has sold over 60 million albums worldwide. Yes, his resume rocks!

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Daniel Day-LewisLincoln

Nominated for "Lead Actor"

Latino recast: Demián Bichir

Day-Lewis has dominated every award show thus far for his spot-on depiction of Lincoln in the hit period piece focusing on his commitment to abolish slavery. Bichir naturally shares the same talent, height, and looks to pull the role off. The Mexican actor also won our hearts in his role as Carlos Galindo in the drama, A Better Life.

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Denzel Washington Flight

Nominated for "Lead Actor"

Latino recast: Laz Alonso

Denzel’s star power and professional demeanor is hard to match, but we think Laz would bring the same qualities to the screen. The Cuban actor has starred in over 20 films and is currently serving up the drama in the new NBC series, Deception. Yes, he needs more camera time and fast!

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Jessica Chastain Zero Dark Thirty

Nominated for "Lead Actress"

Latina recast: Zoe Saldana

The historical drama highlights Chastain’s character as a no-nonsense CIA agent who focuses on tracking down Osama bin Laden. We can totally picture Zoe taking over this ass-kicking role thanks to her previous big-screen performances in Colombiana and The Losers.

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Jennifer LawrenceSilver Linings Playbook

Nominated for "Lead Actress"

Latina recast: Naya Rivera

Naya has the looks and talent to become a lead actress on the big-screen. There’s no doubt the half-Puerto Rican actress would shine in Jennifer’s role as Tiffany Maxwell, a recent widow who attempts to restart her life by joining a dance competition. Yes Gleeks, we know you agree!

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Naomi WattsThe Impossible

Nominated for "Lead Actress"

Latina recast: Penelope Cruz

The Spanish drama based on the tragic tsunami in Thailand in 2004 was gripping and the acting was certainly nailed by Watts. However, we are confident that Penelope would have delivered an equally authentic performance of Maria.

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Emmanuelle RivaAmour

Nominated for "Lead Actress"

Latina recast: Rita Moreno

While Riva, 85, may make history as the older Oscar winner in history, Moreno has already made it in the record books for being the only Latina to have won an Emmy, Grammy, Oscar, Tony, and Academy Award. Who can beat that?

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Amy AdamsThe Master

Nominated for "Best Supporting Actress"

Latina recast: JoAnna Garcia Swisher

Because of Swisher’s striking resemblance to Adams, we can totally picture her playing the wife of a cult leader in this award-winning drama. While she’s best known for playing Cheyenne on Reba, we would love to see the part-Cuban actress star in more dramatic roles.

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Sally Field Lincoln

Nominated for "Best Supporting Actress"

Latina recast: Elizabeth Peña

Filling the role of First Lady Mary Todd is a tough job, but Peña’s acting skills would live up to the challenge. The Cuban actress is a veteran in Hollywood and has been performing since the 1970’s. Yes, she would have this one in the bag!

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Anne Hathaway - Les Misérables

Nominated for "Best Supporting Actress"

Latina recast: Alexis Bledel

Playing Fantine, a struggling factory worker and single mother, is without a doubt a role of a lifetime. Anne rocked it out in the musical without having much singing experience, which mean our girl Alexis would be able to do the same. Besides, she has been trying to break away from her Gilmore Girls image with grittier roles. This would have been perfect!

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Helen HuntThe Sessions

Nominated for "Best Supporting Actress"

Latina recast: Cameron Diaz

Helen plays a 40-something sex surrogate who is hired by a disabled man in this compelling film. She also stars in several sex scenes and embraces her sexuality with full force. Cameron’s experience with a wide-range of roles and her delivery in films like, Being John Malkovich, would definitely add to this character’s depth.

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Jacki Weaver - Silver Linings Playbook

Nominated for "Best Supporting Actress"

Latina recast: Joanna Kerns

Who better to play Robert De Niro's wife and Bradley Cooper's mother than one of the most famous mom’s in sitcom history? Kerns, who played Maggie Seaver on the hit show Growing Pains, really could have snagged this one from Weaver.

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Alan Arkin Argo

Nominated for "Best Supporting Actor"

Latino recast: Miguel Sandoval

Arkin’s witty and genius interpretation of the film producer Lester Siegel is irreplaceable, but Sandoval’s roles in Get Shorty and Blow definitely make him a contender in our eyes.

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Robert de NiroSilver Linings Playbook

Nominated for "Best Supporting Actor"

Latino recast: Hector Elizondo

Now we know, it's hard to match De Niro's swagger. He plays Bradley Cooper’s unemployed dad Patrizio "Pat Sr." Solitano in the hit flick. He masters the role perfectly, but we could easily envision Elizondo taking over the role. Besides, he was an awesome fatherly figure to Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman.

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Philip Seymout Hoffman The Master

Nominated for "Best Supporting Actor"

Latino recast: Luis Guzman

Hoffman plays Lancaster Dodd, a leader of a movement called ‘the cause,’ in the drama also starring Joaquin Phoenix (also nominated). His character’s strong presence on-screen would be a great fit for Guzman. Generally known for his sidekick roles, the Puerto Rican actor would really be able to showcase his raw talent.

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Tommy Lee Jones Lincoln

Nominated for "Best Supporting Actor"

Latino recast: Javier Bardem

Thaddeus Stevens, played by Lee Jones, has a sarcastic and dominant presence that demands the screen in the historical piece. Bardem, who won the Academy Award for No Country for Old Men, would easily step in and master this role to perfection. 


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Christoph Waltz Django Unchained

Nominated for "Best Supporting Actor"

Latino recast: Esai Morales

Dr. King Schultz, a dentist slash bounty hunter, is deceivingly dangerous in Quentin Tarantino’s unforgettable drama about slavery in the south. We know he has played a cop dozen of times, but Morales’ experience with action roles makes him a winner in this recast.