Oscars 2015: The Best GIFs & Memes of the Night

The 2015 Oscars was filled with some of the best beauty, fashion, and celeb moments. But the best part of the night? Finding some of the funniest memes and gifs on the Internet to laugh about with your chicas. We've compiled a few of our faves — take a look:

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1. Oscar Memes: Lady Gaga

Si, Lady Gaga!

2. Oscar Memes: JLo

Was the red carpet actually the yellow brick road? No one else besides J.Lo could pull off Glinda the Good.

3. Oscar Memes: Y Fuera

Where is Sabado Gigante's Chacal when you need him?

4. Oscar Memes: Jared Leto

Jared Leto  was either singing Rihanna or channeling Mary Poppins.  Either way, it works.  

5. Oscar Memes: Oprah

When you realize there's still enough tequila for another margarita...