This Old Couple Twerks To Reggaeton and It's Relationship Goals!

Who said life gets more boring as you get older?! If there’s one thing to know about Latinos, it’s that we love to have a great time. That’s why some of our fondest memories include being at birthday parties getting down with all of our tias and primos, and it’s something we expect will continue for generations to come. So if you’re anything like us, you’ll be breaking it down till your bones can’t anymore, with a crowd of people cheering you on.

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That’s exactly what this fiery couple was caught doing, Friday night at Miami’s Magic City Casino. The abuelito even shows us how low he can go, while the woman backs it up on him! Yass! They are elderly and thriving, and they’re soon to become your relationship goals. Watch the adorable pair get down to some reggaeton below.


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