5 Streaming Shows That Will Be Your Next Addiction

When it comes to watching shows, TV is no longer your only option! This day and age, some of the biggest hit shows are being produced just for online viewers. From Orange is the New Black to Alpha House, here are 5 streaming shows that are sure to be your next addiction:

1. streaming tv slide 01 east los high

East Los High

The Hulu Latino-filled drama follows a group of teens growing up in East L.A.The show touches on real-life topics faced by many young Latinos including living in a poor neighborhood while trying to find ways to make it to college. But that's not all, there's also some serious family rivalry, after two cousins fall in love with the same guy!

2. streaming tv slide 02 Mother Up!

Mother Up!

This animated Hulu series features the voice of the beautiful Eva Longoria. Longoria plays Rudi, a shamed former music executive who moves out of the big city and into the surburbs to raise her children.

3. streaming tv slide 03 Alpha House

Alpha House

Mark Consuelos stars as Andy Guzman in this Amazon comedy about four Republican senators who have to live together in the same D.C. rental house while facing re-election battles and looming indictments.

4. streaming tv slide 04 Orange is the New Black

Orange is the New Black

If you're not already hooked on one of our favorite Netflix series, then you should definitely start tuning in. OITNB boasts a handful of Latina stars, including Dascha Polanco and Elizabeth Rodriguez. And while most show about inmates might have a serious, dark tone; OITNB has romance and comedy.

5. streaming tv slide 05 Hemlock Grove

Hemlock Grove

Mexican American beauty Emilia McCarthy stars as Alyssa Sworn in this Netflix series about a town that comes together to track down the murderer of a teenage girl. But in a town where everyone holds a secret, the question remains, is the killer one of them?