Zoe Saldana Stars in Sia's "Free Me" Video for a Good Cause

1. Zoe Saldana stars in Sia's emotional new music video for "Free Me", in which she plays an expecting mother who finds out she's HIV positive. Saldana is left to deal with the pain and hardship, as she learns she could pass the disease on to her unborn child if left untreated. All proceeds for the video will go to the #endHIV campaign. Watch below:


2. Khloe Kardashian admitted she "fake tried" to get pregnant with then-husband Lamar Odom, in an effort to cover up for issues he was dealing with. (Hollywood Life)

3. In an upcoming issue of NME, Katy Perry reportedly spills all the beans on her feud with Taylor Swift – but why now? "Well, James Corden makes me and the whole world feel very safe," she explains. "No one has asked me about my side of the story and there are three sides of every story: one, two and the truth." (E! News)

4. Michelle Obama revealed that Barack Obama wore the exact same tuxedo for eight years straight and no one paid any attention. "Now, people take pictures of the shoes I wear, the bracelets, the necklace—they didn't comment that for eight years, he wore that same tux, same shoes," she quipped. (E! News)

5. Tom Cruise and The Mummy co-star Annabelle Wallis got their Spanish on while appearing on El Hormiguero 3.0. (DailyMail)