Young People Attacked in Mexico, Chile for Listening to Emo Rock

Kids in Mexico and Chile might want to think twice before putting Evanescence and Jimmy Eat World onto their iPods. In the most ludicrous news story we've heard in a while, LA Weekly is reporting that lovers of "emo" rock (called PokEMOns in Chile) are being attacked in the streets of those two countries by more hard-core music fans, such as those into metal, punk and rockabilly.

The violent attacks are partly being blamed on an on-air rant by Televisa personality Kristoff who recently called emo 'f*cking bullshit.'" Kristoff subsequently called for an end to the violence but it is thought he make take the fall if the government blames Televisa for the trouble.

Okay, we get it, punk rock rules and the maudlin melodies of emo-rock can grate on the nerves, but come on, people—riots in the streets? Physical violence? That's not what music is about. If these kids don't cut it out soon, we suggest the Mexican and Chilean governments ban all music except the Jonas Brothers as punishment.