You Know You Want It: Pitbull Releases Spanish Language Album

Armando Christian Pérez, aka Pitbull, made his Spanish language debut today with the eponymous record Armando, which is dedicated to his late father. We caught up with the Cuban American rapper to talk about the record, its rhythms and the mujeres, of course.

Is there any difference between recording and performing in English vs. Spanish?

There’s no difference at all. I grew up with both languages and to me they both feel natural and I love performing both of them.

Why did you dedicate the album to your father?

It’s dedicated to my father who passed away in 2006. His name was Jose Antonio Armando Perez Torres. He was a person that always liked to have a good time, laughing, telling jokes and dancing. And that’s what the album is all about, especially with all the negativity that’s going on in the world: economy, war, immigration, global warming. It’s the kind of music that helps you escape reality for a little while.

What would your father say of your success?

He’d be like “Oye, no dejes que eso se te vaya a la cabeza…” He had a lot of charisma. He would be very proud of me but always making sure that my feet were planted on the ground.

Did you experiment with different Latin rhythms in this album?

I’m doing a little bit of everything, which is what society is right now. A little bit of Afro-Cuban, a little bit of mambo violento. You have house, techno, hip-hop. The album is global just like the whole world has become a global market. 

What’s your favorite song on the album?

My favorite song would have to be “Mujeres.” It’s a remake of “Girls,” which Beastie Boys did in the ‘80s but with my own twist on how women are now.

And how would you describe women these days?

It’s changed a lot from the ‘80s. Women are sexier, more independent, more powerful, more about taking advantage of opportunities that maybe they didn’t have back then. Women are the most beautiful thing in the world; the most powerful thing in the world; and the most dangerous thing in the world. He he.