WORLD PREMIERE: Daddy Yankee's "Lovumba!"

Grab your sunglasses – you’re going to need them to watch Daddy Yankee’s new music video, “Lovumba.

The Boricua superstar looks suave (as always) in the music video, which premiered on VEVO today. We’re introduced to an interesting blend of elements – ice, water, and fire. And lights – lots of them (hence a possible need for shades). Daddy Yankee even dons a vest with bright lights embroidered on it. The video also includes dance performances.

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In a press release, the Boricua expressed his excitement over the music video for the song, which is currently number on the urban charts. “I've always been very hands-on in the development of my video concepts and this has been an idea I've wanted to incorporate for a while now,” he said.

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Check out the “Lovumba” music video below and tell us what you think: