Will David Hernandez Be the Next One-Hit Wonder?

You’d think that David Hernandez’s future would be looking a little grim right now—he became the first singer to get unceremoniously booted off American Idol’s Top 12 this week, and the whole world already knows about his shady past as a male stripper. But hey, if the record execs don’t mind, why should we? TMZ reports that major publishing companies like Sony and Warner were already courting the hunky San Diego native when the season first started, and that hasn’t changed. Since the winners of AI aren’t even selling albums these days, they’re hoping Hernandez will record a single especially
prepared for him by their team of songwriters and make a one-off hit. Will he take accept their offer? Judging by his gracious exit interview on Idol’s website, it sounds like he’s up for anything these days, “I’m currently unemployed…so anyone out there right now, give me a call.” Not you, gay strip club owners!