WATCH: Selena Gomez Finally Releases 'Fetish' Music Video


It's the moment we've all been waiting for!

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Selena Gomez just released her music video for her new single "Fetish" ft. Gucci Mane and it's completely different from anything we've seen from the actress/singer in the past. The former Disney star wore simplistic 70s inspired clothing and engaged in several eerie acts from sticking her tongue in an eyelash curler to her eating a bar of soap. The video, directed by Petra Collins has already gotten thousands of views and both praise and critique from Selena's immense fan base. It's definitely a video that leaves room for interpretation and one that displays a more vulnerable side of Selena. Although the 25-year-old just recently celebrated her birthday we have a feeling that there are going to be many more celebrations in the future because this video is one that will not go unnoticed. Check out the video below!


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