WATCH: Ricky Martin Debuts Video for "The Best Thing About Me Is You"

Boricua superstar Ricky Martin premiered his new video today for the track "The Best Thing About Me Is You," from his upcoming album Music+Soul+Sex (out February 1).

Directed by fellow Puerto Rican Carlos Perez, who has worked with everyone from Don Omar to Yolandita Monge, the clip starts out with the words “love,” “equality,” “injustice,” “innocence,” “malice,” “refuge” and “oppression” superimposed on images of people of different colors, races and sexual preferences. Spliced in between is Martin with a gag over his mouth that reads “You = Me.”

The introduction is reminiscent of the singer’s “My Skin Talks” promotional video in which his skin was emblazoned with messages like “Perdona” (forgive) and “Accepta” (accept).

But in the new four-minute video, we see the 39-year-old rip off his gag and say “Freedom. You. Me. We’re Equal.” It’s a dramatic precursor to a very happy song, as we see a smiling Ricky Martin singing about “Life is short, so make it what you wanna/ Make it good, don’t wait until mañana.” A kaleidoscope of smiling folks further expound on the acceptance theme, making us mimic Martin’s infectious Colgate grin.