Watch: Ricky Martin Bared His Soul, Now He Bares His Backside

Celebrities, including Drew Barrymore, voiced their support of out-and-proud singer Ricky Martin at the Gay and Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation (GLAAD) Media Awards on Saturday. “I celebrate what Ricky is doing because we have to create a world for each other where acceptance is first and foremost,” said the actress.

And it seems that the Puerto Rican singer is certainly being true to himself these days. He recently bared it all, and I don’t mean figuratively. He got buck-naked, ladies and gentleman, to promote his upcoming “Black & White” tour with a two-minute video titled “My Skin Talks.” The clip features a minimalist soundtrack as a nude Martin contorts on a white-lit floor as if going through a rebirth.

He’s in the buff (quite buff, actually) except for a few shadows and tattoos that appear on his skin with messages like “Cambia tu vida” (change your life), “Perdona” (forgive), “Miedo” (fear), “Conócete” (know yourself), “Accepta” (accept) and “Ama” (love). The 38-year-old singer, who has said that “fear and insecurity” had kept him from revealing his sexuality, has certainly proven that the truth has set him free.  

Directed by his friend Dago Gonzales, the two-minute video ends with the former Menudo reawakened and in what looks like a yoga/prayer pose as the words “La paz nace en ti” (peace is born within you) flash on the screen.