Watch: La Mala is Bad-to-the-Bone

In less than a week Mala Rodriguez will drop her fourth album Dirty Bailarina (out May 18; Universal), a title that is meant to evoke the image of “a woman who expresses her art without fear of getting dirty.” Sound interesting?

According to the Spanish rapera, the CD is “a work of science fiction” and we’ve got evidence that she’s not exaggerating. The video for the record’s first single “No pidas perdón” features the gun-toting 31-year-old pouring gasoline over a bullet-riddled body and gunning down a man carrying a suitcase full of money. And if that doesn’t sound fantastical enough, the leggy singer even finds a frightened alien hiding inside a shipping container towards the end of the video.

Seeing La Mala strut around like badass is entertaining the song is even better. Laced with an electro-pop beat, “No pidas perdón” will have you dancing before it inspires you to beat-box. That may not go down so easily for some of her hip-hop fans, but it has us counting down the days till Tuesday.