Watch: Black Eyed Pea Taboo's SB 1070 Protest Song

Taboo, of the Black Eyed Peas has recorded a song protesting Arizona's SB 1070 bill, scheduled to go into effect tomorrow, July 29th. He starts off the single, entitled "One Heart, One Beat" by spelling out the motivation behind the recording. "It takes one person to stand up for what he believes in," says Taboo. "I believe there’s been an injustice in Arizona. I oppose bill 1070.” The Mexican rapper is joined by Eva  Longoria, Oscar de la Hoya, Shakira and Juanes, all proudly declaring: "I oppose bill 1070."

Legendary activist Dolores Huerta has a powerful interlude towards the end of the video, sharing her perspective on the new law: "Bill 1070 is a racist piece of legalization. It is aimed particularly at the Latino community. And who are the people that are being targeted? The farm workers, the people who are taking care of the children, the nannies, the people who are preparing the food, who are cleaning our buildings. The discrimination has gone on too far. ¡Ya basta! It's enough. ¡Si se puede!"

Watch the video for "One Heart, One Beat" below: